The La Paz County Assessor’s Office wants county property owners to know they will be taking over the process of parcel splits, mergers and other adjustments starting Feb. 1. Assessor Anna Camacho and Deputy Assessor Kimmy Olsen have said that starting the process in the Community Development Department has caused unnecessary delays because the Assessor’s Office isn’t always getting the information they need to make these changes.

Olsen said she had seen items related to parcels that had been recorded with the Recorder’s Office, but the Assessor’s Office couldn’t act on them because much of the information they need to make parcel changes wasn’t included. These include a legal description of the property and a survey map of the parcel or parcels involved. They also need to have all their property taxes paid.

Before they can create a new parcel or new parcels, Olsen said the old one has to be deactivated. They can’t do that without the required information.

Olsen said it made sense to start the process of parcel changes in the Assessor’s Office.

“Parcels are what we do,” she said.

Camacho said she talked with the County Attorney’s office and found they did not need to get permission from the Board of Supervisors to do this as the process of making changes to parcels is part of their statutory duties.

A notice from Olsen was e-mailed Jan. 14:

“Please be advised that effective February 1, 2020 the Assessor’s office will be taking over the application process for parcel splits, combines, uncombines, and lot line adjustments.  Attached you will find the new application as well as the approved fee schedule.  Our office currently does not accept credit cards for payment of fees. 

Historically, the Assessor’s office has always handled the beginning steps of the application process.  A few years ago, this was transferred to the Community Development department.  This is a process that has taken over two years to bring back to the Assessor’s office.  Property owners will be responsible to obtain all the necessary approvals from other departments before fees are collected and a final approval by our office is given.  This will include all taxes being paid in full, legal descriptions provided, and necessary surveys recorded.

We are very excited to help work with property owners to streamline the process and avoid unnecessary delay in providing new parcel numbers.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to give our office a call.”

The number for the Assessor’s Office is 928-669-6165. The office is located at 1112 Joshua Avenue, Suite 204, in the County Complex.  


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