A ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony for the Urgent Care facility at La Paz Regional Hospital was held  Tuesday, Feb. 4. The new facility was open for business and seeing patients as soon as the ceremony is over.

Parker-area residents got their first look at the new urgent care facility at La Paz Regional Hospital when the hospital hosted the Parker Regional Chamber of Commerce & Tourism mixer Thursday, Jan. 16. Many of those in attendance said they were very impressed with the new facility.

In addition to urgent care, the building will house primary care facilities. Kevin Brown, LPRH CEO, said their primary care clinics in Parker will be closed and moved into this new facility.

Brown said the facility will reduce the time patients have to wait for urgent care, which is currently handled in the emergency room. The new facility will free up space in the emergency room and allow them to better treat their patients.

The facility was the capstone of the hospital district’s three-year capital plan, Brown said. He said they had wanted to move urgent care out of the emergency room so patients needing urgent care would not have to wait so long to be seen. When planning the building, Brown said he and the hospital board decided it should host primary care as well.

“There were a lot of discussions,” he said. “We debated if it should be a modular or a permanent structure, or if we should remodel an existing structure. We decided to build a new structure.”

As for primary care, Brown said they’d needed such a facility for a long time.

Brown said the difference between urgent care and emergency care depended on the severity of the injury. He said that can often be determined only through a triage process.

The process of building the facility was started more than three years ago, soon after Brown was named CEO. It cost about $2.7 million, which came out of the district’s capital funds. The total cost included the building, equipment, furnishings, landscaping and the parking lot.

The building is set up in two sides. The side facing Mohave Road will be devoted to urgent care, while the side facing the rest of the hospital will be devoted to primary care. Each side contains examining and treatment rooms as well as a reception area. The urgent care side also has a nurses’ station. There is an X-ray facility and an outpatient draw lab for blood samples and the like.

Ground was broken for the new facility on May 1, 2019. The architects were Thompson Design Architects. The facility was built by Pilkington Builders.

Brown said this was the most satisfying project he’s worked on in his time at the hospital. A native of the Parker area and a graduate of Parker High School, he said it was great to see this facility and a hospital like LPRH in a community the size of Parker. He recalled there was a time when emergency care and some surgical procedures were handled in local doctors’ offices.

Brown said there were a lot of people involved in the process of getting the facility planned and built. He praised the LPRH Board of having the vision to create a strategic plan and carrying it through. He also thanked the Colorado River Indian Tribes for expediting the permit process. He also thanked the hospital staff for their work and contributions. He added there were many others involved in the process.

“There were a lot of moving parts for sure,” he said.


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