PARKER STRIP — Changes are coming to the classic Parker Strip joint, Roadrunner Floating Dock Bar and Restaurant.

Last week it was announced that Jeff and Stephanie McCormack, the original owners of Roadrunner, are selling the dock bar. Rumors were abound on social media that the historic river rat hangout was going to close for good, but according to Realtor Laynee Sholl, the new buyer isn’t just keeping Roadrunner open, he is also investing millions into the property.

According to Sholl, the new owner, a self-made California businessman, is waiting until the sale is complete before revealing his identity to the public. However, the new buyer wants to let people know that he is not just some weekender but someone who has lived part time and full time in Parker for the past 10 years.

Before that, Sholl says, the buyer had been visiting the Colorado River and Roadrunner for 30 years.

The Roadrunner’s new buyer wants to turn the facilities into a “world class resort,” Sholl says, and has plans to construct a new dock, a new bar and a new restaurant. According to Sholl, Roadrunner’s upstairs restaurant will be the first part of the dock bar to be renovated but the new dock and bar should be ready to go this spring in time for the boating season.

According to Sholl, the Roadrunner will temporarily close for 30 days no later than Oct. 17 but possible sooner as the restaurant is renovated.

Roadrunner staying open is certainly a relief to all the guests who have been docking there for decades.

Sydney Kidney from Chino, California, is a self-proclaimed River Rat who says four generations of her family have been coming to the river and Roadrunners since the 1970s.

“My brother and I would float down on rafts and then swim back dock to dock,” Kidney said. “We were young then.”

Kidney says she has watched Roadrunner grow from just a dock to a rowdy river stop and now to the establishment it is today.

“…It has kind of calmed down from what I hear,” Kidney said.

A lot of her favorite memories involve Roadrunner, Kidney says, and it would be a shame if the establishment went away before it could become part of her grandkids favorite memories.

“I want it to be here,” Kidney said. “Big time.”


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