The Arizona Primary Election on Aug. 2 saw two new members elected to the Parker Town Council and a new Superior Court Judge elected. Quartzsite’s elections will see run-offs for one 4-year term on the Town Council, as well as one 2-year term on the Council.

As of Saturday, Aug. 6, incumbent Marion Shontz was reelected to another term on the Parker Town Council. She also received the most number of votes with 289. Newcomers Erica Daniels and Dusty Wooddell were also elected to the council. Daniels had 264 votes, while Wooddell had 241. A fourth candidate, Josh Phillipps, received 233 votes.

Shontz was the only incumbent whose seat was up for election to seek reelection. The two other incumbents, Mayor Karen Bonds and Council Member Frank Savino, opted not to seek reelection. Savino recently resigned from the council because he had relocated from the area to take care of an ailing family member.

In the Republican primary for Superior Court Judge, Marcus Kelley defeated the incumbent, Jessica Quickle, 1,263 votes to 918.

On his website, Kelley described himself as a married, 50-year-old father of two who has lived in Arizona off and on since 1980. He’s a graduate of the J.D. Cardozo School of Law in New York, N.Y. He is a former La Paz County Prosecutor who has felony trial experience and experience in criminal and family law.

There were no Democrats running for Superior Court Judge.

In another courts race, Tiffany Dyer won the Republican primary for Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1. She received 1,326 votes to 890 votes for Karen Slaughter. There were no Democrats running in the primary.

Dyer is currently the Judge of the Parker Justice Court, while Slaughter is the Judge of the Salome Justice Court. Earlier this year, the La Paz County Supervisors consolidated the county’s three justice courts into one court in Parker. Dyer will be the judge of that court when the consolidation is completed in 2023.

Hollie Lucas, a Republican, was the only candidate running for Clerk of the Superior Court. She received 2,035 votes.

In the primary election for three four-year seats on the Quartzsite Town Council, there were three candidates. However, there were 570 write-in votes, and that’s what lead to a run-off for the third seat. Incumbent Lynda Goldberg received 251 votes while a second incumbent, Loretta Warner received 242 votes. The third candidate, Randy Smith, received 188 votes, but there were 188 write-in votes for incumbent Sam Saxton.

Smith and Saxton will face each other in a run-off at the general election in November.

For the two two-year seats on the Quartzsite Council, Devyn Rosner was elected with 260 votes. Candidates Karey Amon (196 votes) and Colleen O’Meara will face each other in a run-off election in November.

Of the 288 write-in votes cast for the two-year seats, Dennis Vosper received 104 votes. It was not enough to get him on the November ballot.


Results are unofficial until the votes are officially canvassed.Out of 11,059 registered voters, 2,195 ballots were cast for a voter turnout of 19.85 percent.


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sam whittemore

bye bye quickle! so long mary frantz too! time for new corruptocrats

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