The Riverview Mobile Home & RV Park in Earp will be closed as of the end of February 2020. The Colorado River Indian Tribes, which owns the park, cited the costs of rehabilitating the park as the reason for the closure.

The Colorado River Indian Tribes have confirmed the Riverview Mobile Home & RV Park in Earp, Calif. will be closed as of the end of February 2020. The Pioneer asked whether the park was being closed after seeing many social media posts the weekend of Sept. 7-8 from people who claimed to be park residents who said they were being evicted.

The Tribes sent the following statement Sept. 10 by e-mail:

“The lease with the prior management company for the Riverview Mobile Home and RV Park on the California side of the reservation expired on August 31, 2019 and as of September 1, control and management of the property has returned to CRIT.

After looking at the costs to rehabilitate and update the infrastructure, the Tribes has decided to close the park.

CRIT wants to give park residents ample time to relocate. Therefore, the official closing date won’t be until February 29, 2020.

CRIT is evaluating future plans for the site.”

Riverview Mobile Home & RV Park is located on Parker Dam Road just north of California Route 62 turnoff into Parker.

The Pioneer attempted to contact the office at the park, but found the phone number listed for the park was no longer in service.


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5% of the local CRIT members population, the Tribal chairman and tribal council and there family members hog all the money. The other 95% of the local CRIT members live in poverty. No jobs or business opportunities here because the CRIT government wants to Monopolize this whole reservation and sqeeze out local businesses. It's always been like a little North Korea government here, everyone is to scared to speak out and criticize because little Kim Jung Patch over there will black ball them.


Really sad my grandmother is left with nothing after this. She bought her mobile less than 4 years ago, and it is not capable of moving. This poor 82 year old woman on S/S with very little savings (most of which went into buying this mobile! Which was supposed to be her forever home) is being forced to walk away from her home with nothing but her belongings. It's just sad that she is being put in this position, at this age, with no recompense.


This is very sad for those who have live and visited. There are so many seniors and others that can't afford to move their mobile. Many of them are worth nothing. Shame on CRIT - SOMETHING MUST TO BE DONE. We need to share this story with the media to expose these RICH Indian tribes for taking from these poor seniors.


To all involved with the closing of river view my deepest apologies very sad day if any need help moving or selling mobile home I am in the market for three mobiles years 2000 or newer will pay to move and work out fair deal for mobile contact me at ontime777@aol.com

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