Town of Parker

Parker Town Manager Lori Wedemeyer told the Town Council that nearly all Town funds are expected to be “flat” in the coming fiscal year. There are no major changes projected in revenues. Operational expenses are expected to decline, but salaries and benefits are expected to increase.

Wedemeyer explained all this at a budget work session May 28.

Town employees will receive a 3 percent Cost-of-Living-Adjustment in the coming fiscal year, Wedemeyer said. However, some part-time employees in the Senior Center’s Congregate and Home-Delivered meals program will receive more because they are currently not being paid the newly-mandated state minimum of $12 per hour.

Wedemeyer said the Town is looking to fill three positions:  a Town Clerk, a police officer, and an employee in the finance department. She emphasized these are vacant existing positions and not new positions. She added that, when she budgets for new employees, she plans that they will choose coverage for their families from the town’s benefits package. She said this costs them almost double what they would pay for just the employee.

All totaled, the Town has budgeted $4,102,105 for salaries from all funds for FY 2019-20. These include $2.5 million from the general fund, $435,700 from Highway User Revenue Funds from the state, and $288,000 from the Utility Enterprise Fund (water department).

Revenue for the general fund, which includes the Town’s sale tax, is expected to go down slightly from $5.1 million in FY 2018-19 to $5.07 million for FY 2019-20. The sales tax revenue is projected to remain the same at $1.35 million. The operational budget for the general fund is projected at $2.46 million, which is down from the $2.8 million adopted for FY 2018-19.

As for HURF funds, they are budgeted slightly lower in FY 2019-20 at $2.041 million. For the current fiscal year, they were budgeted at $2.063 million.

The Utility Enterprise Fund, which includes water bills, has revenues budgeted at $913,640, which is higher than last year’s $874,640. A proposed water rate increase will come before the council later this year.

The new fiscal year begins July 1.


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