The ballots are still being counted around the State of Arizona in the 2022 midterm elections. As of 6:40 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, the Secretary of State’s office has said there are still 575,000 votes to be counted in the state. According to elections officials in Maricopa and La Paz Counties, most of these were either provisional ballots or early ballots that were dropped off at polling places on Election Day and need to have their signatures verified.

Many of the statewide races are still too close to call almost 48 hours after the polls closed.

Some candidates have complained about the slow pace of counting the ballots. Some, Republican Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem and Attorney General candidate Abraham Hamadeh, have implied something is amiss and Maricopa County elections officials are deliberately withholding the election results.

For their part, elections officials said counting ballots takes time as they want to ensure they have an accurate count.

In the race for Governor, as of early Thursday evening, Democrat Katie Hobbs still held a lead over Republican Kari Lake. She led by 20,336 votes. Hobbs had 983,399 (50.5 percent) to 963,063 (49.5 percent) for Lake.

Incumbent Mark Kelly, a Democrat, also saw his lead increase over Republican Blake Masters in the race for the U.S. Senate seat. The lead is now in six digit:  104,948. He has also become the second statewide candidate to receive over 1 million votes at 1,009,899 (51.6 percent of the votes counted). Masters had 904,951 votes (46.2 percent).

Democrat Adrian Fontes has also topped 1 million votes and had a wide lead in the vote count over Republican Mark Finchem in the race for Secretary of State. Fontes had 1,010,401 votes (52.6 percent) to 911,633 (47.4 percent) for Republican Mark Finchem. Fontes led by 98,768 votes.

Democrat Kris Mayes has widened her lead over Republican Abraham Hamadeh in the race for Attorney General in to 10,817 votes. This was after Hamadeh led briefly on Wednesday. Mayes had 962,122 votes (50.3 percent) to 951,305 (49.7 percent).

Lake, Masters, Finchem and Hamadeh were all endorsed by former President Donald Trump. All agreed with and spread his unfounded claims the 2020 election was stolen from him, and they all advocated for changes in voting laws, such as eliminating mail-in ballots and early voting, as well as replacing machine tabulation with hand counts of votes. To one extent or another, they have all made claims of a stolen election central to their campaigns.

In the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction, the incumbent, Republican Tom Horne, a former Superintendent, is still ahead of Democrat Kathy Hoffman, but his lead has decreased and the race is too close to call. It’s a virtual dead heat. Horne had 955,594 votes (50.0 percent) to 954,079 (50.0 percent) for Hoffman, a margin of 1,514 votes.

The only Republican who has had a solid lead since the start of the counting was incumbent Treasurer Kimberly Yee. She has continued to build up her lead as of Thursday. She leads Democrat Martin Quezada, 1,058,354 votes (55.5 percent) to 847,202 (44.5 percent). Yee is leading by 211,152 votes, and she was the first in the state to top the 1 million-vote threshold.

In state offices affecting La Paz County, the races were decided at the primary level in August. There were no Democrats on the ballot in any of these races. For State Senator, Sonny Borrelli was elected with 63,367 votes. Leo Biasiucci was reelected one of two State Representatives from District 30 with 53,478 votes, while another Republican, John Gillette, was elected to the seat held by Regina Cobb with 41,556 votes. Cobb could not run again as she had reached her term limit.

Republican Paul Gosar ran unopposed for the seat for the U.S. House of Representatives from District 9. He received 151,872 votes.


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sam whittemore

pass me the sody water and the triple burger pleese. shore is nice getting paid not to work. thank a vet!


Don’t forget to thank all those hard working city and county workers too….

No joke, my city had 1,500 applicants to for 1 secretary position. Pensunzzz amiright????

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