The bad news is, after more than 40 years, Buckskin Market in Buckskin State Park has closed. The good news is it has reopened directly across the river from Buckskin Mountain State Park in the Big Bend Resort on the California side of the river. It’s now called Big Bend River Market, and it’s designed to be easily accessible by boaters.

Ryan Crook, Operations Manager for Colorado River Adventures, said they opened at their new location in mid-May. The lease for Buckskin Market wasn’t renewed. He said they basically remodeled the old clubhouse at Big Bend Resort and turned it into the new market.

Crook added the former Buckskin Boutique is also now housed at Big Bend River Market.

The market offered gasoline for boats, boat supplies, groceries and sundry items and beer & wine. They also have an arcade with video games for kids and a restaurant.

“We provide people with what they need while on the water,” Crook said.

Crook said they try to offer something for everyone, even youngsters.

“This place is the only one of its kind on the river,” Crook said. “We’re much more focused on families than other river places.”

Colorado River Adventures is a company that operates concessions at various locations on the Colorado River. In addition to Big Bend, they have concessions at Echo Lodge, Windmill Resort and Rio del Colorado.

Big Bend River Market is easy to reach on the river, but more difficult to reach by car. It’s located at the rear of Big Bend Resort, which is located about 10 miles north of the intersection of California Highway 62 and Parker Dam Road on the California side of the river. They’re open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday through Monday. They are closed Tuesday and Wednesday, but Crook said that could change as see they how things work out. The phone number is 928-575-1180.


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