ADHS priorities

The Arizona Department of Health Services has established priorities as to who should receive the COVID-19 vaccine and when. They are working closely with county and tribal health departments around the state.

The La Paz County Health Department announced Dec. 28 they will soon be administering the coronavirus vaccine to county residents. They will be following a priority list created by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

“The La Paz County Health Department will begin vaccinating Phase 1A very soon,” read an announcement on the department’s Facebook page. “We will keep you all updated as we go through the phases. We have a very limited amount right now, but are anticipating additional vaccines shortly.”

Phase 1A is the highest priority for the vaccine as established by ADHS. It is one of several classifications as part of their COVID-19 Vaccine Priority Plan.

Here are the classifications, as listed by priority for the vaccine.

Phase 1, December 2020 through Spring 2021


Healthcare workers and healthcare support operations

Emergency medical services workers

Long-term care facility staff and residents


Education and childcare workers

Protective services occupations

Essential services/critical industry workers

Adults with risk conditions in congregate settings


Adults 65 and older

Adults of any age with high-risk medical conditions

Adults living in congregate settings

Phase 2, Spring 2021 through Summer 2021

Any remaining Phase 1 populations

Additional high-risk critical populations

General population

Phase 3, Summer 2021 and beyond

Any remaining Phase 1 or 2 populations

General population

The vaccination plan can be found on the ADHS website, The department states that the vaccination plan incorporates lessons learned from the 2009 H1N1 outbreak and a recent hepatitis outbreak. They said they have a strong vaccination infrastructure in place as a result of their response in 2009 to H1N1. They added they work closely with Arizona’s 15 county health departments and the health departments of 21 federally-recognized tribes.

As of Dec. 29, Arizona had topped half-a-million coronavirus cases. On their information dashboard, ADHS reported 507,222 cases and 8,640 deaths. That’s more than 200,000 cases and 2,200 more deaths since Nov. 22.

La Paz County has seen 1,347 cases and 33 deaths as of Dec. 29. These figures include members of the Colorado River Indian Tribes who have been tested at Indian Health Services.

The state has seen a rate of 7,055.5 per 100,000 residents. La Paz County has a significantly lower rate, at 6,099.2 per 100,000. The county has a higher death rate than the state, with 149.42 per 100,000 as compared with 120.18 for the state as a whole.

Of the cases in Arizona, 425,000 are active. A total of 73,429 have recovered. Of the cases that have reached some conclusion, the survival rate is 89 percent.

Nationwide, there have been approximately 20 million cases, with 7.58 million still active. There have been 345,000 deaths with 11.7 million recovered, which means a survival rate of 97 percent.

California leads all states with 2.2 million cases.


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