Peaches to all the new teachers in the Parker Unified School District. I will tell you the same thing I told new teachers when I was a custodian at Wallace Elementary School:  be careful! This place will grow on you.

Peaches to all educators. This pandemic has put strains on you I’ll bet none of you ever thought would happen. From what I’ve seen, you all have come through it with flying colors. If nothing else, you’re proving the hardy stuff educators are made of.

Peaches to cute and funny animal videos on YouTube. Sometimes, we all need to be reminded of the antics of some of our co-inhabitants on this world.

Peaches to the videos of animal rescues on YouTube. Seeing people help animals who have been lost, abandoned or abused actually helps restore my faith in human beings.

Peaches to everyone who has to work outside this time of year. I’m thinking of road crews, farm workers, landscapers, construction workers, airport workers, park workers, wildlife officers, and so many others. Thank you for the work you do. Stay hydrated, okay?

Peaches to everyone who’s doing their part to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus. We can beat this nasty little bug, but we all have to do our part.

Peaches to the return of the drive-in theater in many parts of the country. The drive-in was always a special sort of experience for anyone who ever went to one. It’s nice to see parents being able to show kids what the drive-in experience was like.

Pits to all the sports teams and players who have taken a knee or walked off the court when the National Anthem is played. I actually find all this annoying. It’s like they have to make a big display of how “woke” they are. My reaction is becoming one of rolling my eyes and saying, “There they go again.” Hey, we know about the issues you care about! You don’t have to keep reminding us every game!

Peaches to the State of Arizona for expanding Arizona State University’s rapid coronavirus testing to include La Paz County.


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